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Reduce the stress of your IPTV service

With our real-world experience from the programmer side, the operator side, and software development side, you get a full view of the entire industry to make the best decisions.

We fill in the gaps to ensure that you’re compliant and ready for any changes. Plus, since this is all we do, we see the not-so-obvious carriage requirements that can be invoked if you make changes.

The video portion of your customer bundle is facing numerous challenges. Rising programming costs, complicated contract negotiations, and increased competition are all time-consuming aspects of the business that need to be monitored and managed. Additionally, your customers are changing their viewing habits and looking for convenience and tailored programming packages.

Trust our experience to help you manage this rapidly-changing segment of your business to grow revenue and reduce risk – while saving your time to focus on running your business.

Video Product Consultancy
Video Product Audits
Video Product Consultancy
Programmer Contract Negotiations
Franchise Agreement help​
Video Product Consultancy
New Product Development
Channel lineup/packaging assistance
Video Product Consultancy
CSR updates/training

Your Video product partner

Jean Edhlund

Video Product Partner


Jean brings over 20 years of experience in the Cable TV programming industry to her role assisting rural providers with their video and IPTV services. From negotiating agreements and creating lineups, to developing new services – she’s passionate about TV.

The process


Review current lineups, plans, video financials, competition and more.


Your report will include a review, comparisons, and suggestions


Assist with implementation of new changes management team determines best


Manage the plan
Review contracts
Negotiate contracts
Research new technologies
Train staff

Ready to get started?

Retrans negotiation guidance? NCTC carriage questions? Transition to Streaming? Franchise fees? Staff training?

Let’s do this.

Beyond the Static Blog

The Future of Cable TV for Small and Rural Providers
Cable TV is changing quickly as Over the Top (OTT) and alternative providers bring new offerings to the TV market. Here we look at these different solutions, and leveraging additional technologies like Video on Demand (VOD) to meet the needs of millennials and young consumers.

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