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Streaming Video Training

Streaming Video Training


“Focus on selling broadband” is what more and more ISPs are saying as they focus less on promoting TV bundles.

But customers still look to you for answers about where they should get their video services (especially if you’re transitioning customers off of your linear service.)

Ensuring your team is an expert on all things video will ensure more customers buy your internet service.

Video, IPTV, Cable TV subscribers, (however you refer to them) are understandably confused these days with so many choices, technologies, bundles and packaging when it comes to finding the best video service for their homes. Heck,  it can be confusing for us sometimes due to the rapidly evolving video world.

Luckily, your team can be the local experts to ensure your customers can navigate the confusion – all while proving your expertise, and ultimately selling more broadband services.

Even better, by pairing this education with the CNS Package Concierge App (located on your website, or for internal use only, or both) you will provide unmatched guidance to your customers both online and in person.

What’s Included in CNS’s Streaming Video Training?

This multi-session training program will give your staff the information and tools they need to become “Certified Streaming Experts.” All sessions are virtual and can be completed at any time.

Video Streaming training elevates your staff to ‘Pro-level’ expertise.

Price: $2,500 provides access for up to 10 attendees, additional attendees are $150 each.

If you plan to purchase more than 50 seats, please contact Shelly Netland for instructions.

Training is self-paced online in our Learning Management System, and attendees will receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the associated quizzes.


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