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Training Refreshers

(for ‘these unprecedented times’)

Working from home is routine now

Let’s use this time to get refreshed on best practices.

Online, self-paced training, designed for rural ISPs – ready whenever your staff is.

We happen to think one can never be too polished when it comes to caring for customer’s needs, so we’ve come up with CNS Employee Refreshers. It’s a compilation of flexible eLearning courses delivered from our LMS to help your staff polish up on skills used every day in customer facing roles in the Telecom industry. It’s what we like to think of as the total package…

Complete one, some or all of the following courses:

  1. Accountability = Success – Each of us defines success differently, but for the sake of Team Success – we think these tips, reminders and pointers will help you.
  2. Applying a Service Mindset reminds us that those who we serve – our customers, are each our bosses. Sam Walton said it best, “There is only one boss. The customer…” 
  3. Coming in Clutch is all about using adaptability to think outside of the box and bring the right solutions to customer problems at the precise moment.
  4. In customer facing roles in Telecommunications, Effective Listening is arguably the most important skill we should have expert knowledge and practice in. 
  5. Filling in the Blanks is important when updating things like contacts, phone numbers, CPNI, and more. 
  6. When our customers say, “I Want It All we’re going to do our best to give it to them… and more!
  7. When Problem Solving the Angry Customer, understanding what motivates them to become angry can help us to turn the conversation around and “win” our customer back.
  8. Your manager wants you to Try on “CAN DO!” when it comes to your attitude. Ditch the can’t do, or won’t do and embrace all of the things you can do. It’s easy, just use tools given to you!
  9. Upselling & Cross-Selling is necessary and easy to do with some useful tips and terms to get you on your way.
  10. Good Workplace Relationships help us to become more collaborative, have an aligned vision, communicate better, improve trust and accountability. We chat about ways you can change at least one workplace relationship and make it better.

The following sessions are available for registration now:

Training Refreshers

DATES: Ongoing

LOCATION: Web-based, self-paced ​


(6 or more registered from same company at the same time)

(5 or less registered from same company at the same time)

After purchase, we’ll follow up with setup instructions for the Learning Management system.

Training Refreshers


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