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Quickly verify locations, counts, and prepare for HUBB reporting.

Save days verifying ACAM II counts, plus create HUBB data, automatically

If you’ve chosen to accept ACAM II offers, you’ll need precise counts of the existing physical locations for budgeting purposes.

Since nearly all carriers will be required to report locations to the FCC’s HUBB portal next year, this tool is a huge time saver, regardless if you’re accepting the ACAM offers, or remaining on legacy support.

This automated tool will do much of the work for you, requiring minimal clean up effort – plus once complete, your’e data will be ready for the HUBB report (a requirement for March 2020.)

How it works:

  1. We provide you with an interactive editing map, allowing you to:
    1. See which blocks have fewer or additional locations compared with your offered counts
    2. Compare between FCC, Census, and County data
    3. See structure location highlighted on the map (~80% of the locations will have lat/long already established)
    4. Complete your visual review using satellite imagery to verify all structures have been counted
    5. Edit/add any locations that are miss-classified
    6. Bulk add HUBB deployment data
    7. Export data for HUBB reporting – drastically reducing HUBB reporting time
    8. Ensure your budgets are accurate based on the number of actual locations compared to FCC offered locations

Once you’ve completed your visualization and cleanup, you’ll know exactly how many locations really exist so you can ensure you’re prepared for accepting or returning any ACAM II dollars.

Finally, we can then help you compare all serviceable locations with your existing customers so you have an accurate penetration calculation, and targets for your marketing efforts.

App Details

We’ll build your custom editing map app

You can then export your data at any time

Once completed, we can help you use those locations for other parts of your business

You’ll own parcel data for all of your serving areas

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The ACAM II true up map app uses data from third parties to determine the accuracy of the FCC data. While we review this data carefully, there can be discrepancies and inaccuracies with the data we receive. Accuracy is not guaranteed. By purchasing and using this app, you agree to hold CNS harmless from any damages, losses,  incurred from the use of this service. Licensor is not liable to licensee for any damages, including compensatory, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages, connected with or resulting from this license agreement or licensee's use of this software. Licensee's jurisdiction may not allow such a limitation of damages, so this limitation may not apply.


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