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Cooperative Training Seminars

Coop-specific training programs save cost, provide networking, and are specific for rural providers.

Technology changes rapidly, and so to do the ways we use it – that’s why it’s important to stay current with training and refreshers. CSR training, Technician training, CPNI training, general mid-level manager training courses are held in-person and online; with both ongoing and date-specific timelines.

Meet Your Trainer

Shelly Netland

Training Coordinator

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Shelly’s rural telecom experience, including CSR and Help desk management, gives her a unique edge when it comes to identifying the best training curriculums for rural telecom teams. She focuses on the right topics, at the right time, delivered in the right atmosphere – all with plenty of hands on education, and peer-to-peer sharing.

Current Training Opportunities

The following training curriculums were put together based on the feedback from CNS members. Not only do these shared training sessions save you money, they also allow ample time to network with industry peers who may have the same challenges you do – allowing for a more productive learning experience:


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