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One map. Full clarity.

One interactive map for tons of telecom industry data

The Broadband Operations Map was designed for rural broadband operators to serve as the one-stop, single source of truth for national broadband data, so you know which areas are ripe for build-outs, as well as ensuring your network data is accurate to ensure you’re not over built.

From RDOF and ReConnect available areas, to 477 data, and simple things like census blocks, you’ll have a lot of data at your fingertips.

In addition to the telecom data, you can add data from thousands of public data sources, OR add the Operations Map data to your own maps in ArcGIS Online.

One interactive map for tons of industry data

Here’s what’s included:
  • FCC 477 data
  • RDOF won areas
  • Census blocks served with less than 25/3
  • Census blocks served with less than 25/3 Wireline
  • Low/Moderate income areas
  • Tribal boundaries
  • Max download reported speeds per block
  • USDA ReConnect areas and restricted areas
  • A-CAM II offered census blocks
  • A-CAM II Study Areas
  • A-CAM II accepted areas (when available)
  • HUBB reported locations and speeds
  • CAF II auction winners
  • A-CAM accepted areas 
  • Provider Study Areas
  • Telephone Exchange boundaries
  • Electric service areas (where available)
  • Critical community facilities
  • Healthcare, educational facilities
  • Census block data
  • Housing structure polygons
  • MN DEED coverage data, and project area boundaries
  • Iowa eligible areas
  • Wisconsin ARPA eligible areas
  • Ability to upload your own network data (temporarily)
  • Plus access to adding thousands of data layers from the web

The Broadband Operations Map app is available for ISPs with active customers. Pricing depends on company size, geographic coverage areas desired. Custom modifications are available.

Map Details

Monthly or yearly subscriptions available.

National data updated as new data is released

Customization available

Get your map – Immediate access

Mapping application is only available for active broadband providers or entities planning to provide broadband services. Special licensing is available to consulting firms.
Select your company size, and desired subscription, and complete the account set up and purchase.

Broadband Operations Map App

$60.00 - $1,000.00

Choose broadband subscriber range and monthly/yearly subscription plan. If you’re a consultant, please contact us for special pricing.


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Statement of Work/Overview/Disclaimer: 
The Broadband Operations Map contains map data created by CNS based off of public data including: A-CAM II offered census blocks, A-CAM II Study Areas, A-CAM II accepted areas (when available), FCC 477 data, HUBB 477 reported locations and speeds, CAF II auction winners, A-CAM accepted areas, Provider Study Areas, Telephone Exchange boundaries, Electric service areas (where available), Critical community facilities, Healthcare, educational facilities, Census block data, Housing structure polygons, MN DEED coverage data, as well as temporary data created for current broadband funding programs from the FCC, USDA and other data/layers added periodically. Ability to upload your own network data (temporarily), Plus access to adding thousands of data layers with your ArcGIS Online license. This data has been organized and compiled to provide users with a single location to visualize public broadband industry data. Accuracy is not guaranteed, and due to the data used, may understate or overstate existing broadband availability and speeds. It is possible that data is incorrect, or incorrectly placed on the map. Data was obtained from multiple sources which will need to be verified before making investment decisions, begin construction planning, or use the data to make any decisions. This app is intended the first tool used to quickly visualize areas for network build-out, as well as ensuring your publicly filed data is accurate. You will need to verify all data with other sources to ensure data accuracy before making decisions. CNS is not responsible for any outcomes of using this data. Access to this map is available throughout the term of the subscription you selected, as noted on this invoice. Recurring subscriptions renew either monthly or yearly, depending on the plan selected, and continue until cancelled. User accepts all responsibility, if you do not agree to these terms, please request a refund promptly.

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