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Teams that love what they do (play) and know that they are making a difference (purpose) are proven to have higher productivity and less stress. Your company’s culture needs to come from the top, and be part of everything your company does and says.

We’re telecom HR experts – we’ll ensure you culture is the best it can be… we’ll also make sure you’re legally compliant and help you with any other employee needs.

Whether Virtual or On-site and as-needed or Ongoing.

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“They’re used to interfacing with coops and telecommunications providers that are all experiencing the same thing, it that means a lot to have that [experience].”

-Dave Wolf, GM/CEO, Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association

VIDEO: Dave Wolf, Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association CEO, explains how they benefit from being part of Cooperative Network Services, specifically the HR Business Partner offerings.

Meet your HR business partner

Jenna Monse

HR Business Partner

Contact Jenna | LinkedIn

Jenna Monse, PHR, SHRM-CP – Jenna provides HR consulting services for telecommunications companies throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Jenna’s HR focus is strategically aligned with the company’s core values and business plan as well as employee’s strengths and figuring out where those lines intersect. By focusing only on the rural telecom industry, we’re able to provide specific benchmarks and suggestions as it relates to compensation and benefits analysis and design, compliance, and employee relations areas.

Shelly Netland-01
Shelly Netland

Training Coordinator

Contact Shelly | LinkedIn

Shelly’s rural telecom experience, including CSR and Help desk management, gives her a unique edge when it comes to identifying the best training curriculums for rural telecom teams. She focuses on the right topics, at the right time, delivered in the right atmosphere – all with plenty of hands on education, and peer-to-peer sharing.

Our process is tailored for you


We review your current handbook and processes to create your report which includes benchmark comparisons and suggestions.


We’ll help you define the next steps to ensure compliance and create your customized plan for improving your team’s culture


Whether you want consistent help, or use us on an on-call basis, we’ll be ready to jump in at any time of the day.

Winning teams measure Results + Culture

At CNS we believe that culture is one of the biggest drivers of success. That’s why we use Threads for our team.

If you think it’s right for you, we’ll help you set up threads for your organization and help you manage it so your team can get the full benefits of aligning your culture with results.

Contact Jenna for a free test drive.

Why Focus on Culture?

The organization that builds the best culture will be the one that wins over the long-term.

By focusing on culture you will create the greatest amount of opportunity, growth and rewards for every person on your team.

How Does Threads Work?

Threads will help you build your best culture by uniting everyone behind your Core Values and clearly defining the Results (performance expectations).

Doing both things well is what builds culture and makes a person highly rated inside of Threads and inside of your organization.

Learn more about Threads:


Self & 360 Feedback

Organization Chart

Collaboration is key


Our HR team collaborates with a variety of outside training groups, trade groups and state organizations.

Collaboration fist

Jenna and Shelly often work together on projects like training and culture development for telco employees.

Thought. Leaders.

Our work takes us far and wide – we see a lot of things and talk with a variety of broadband providers every week – this gives us an interesting perspective, so we periodically share our thoughts on LinkedIn.

Culture Branding – Where’s the Fluff?

HR and Marketing functions aren’t normally integrated. And both functions can feel like ‘fluff’ to technical people, however, it’s not just fluff – it’s culture and it about branding. This presentation seeks to prove that what’s good for HR is good for Marketing, and vice versa.

Culture and Employee or Employment Branding is becoming increasingly popular considerations as labor markets tighten, and consumers seek companies who are both good corporate citizens, and gravitate to companies who’s culture aligns with their own.

Culture Matters Blog


Do you know what OSHA has to say about COVID-19?

Although OSHA hasn’t issued any COVID-19-related standards, the agency has issued citations based on existing standards – more than $3.5 million in penalties.

Courageous Conversations – Coasting

This week Jenna and Shelly talk about the fine line between pushing too hard, and “coasting”.

Courageous Conversations – People First 

this week we cover some reminders of how putting People First can improve the culture, customer experience, and ultimately the bottom line.

Courageous Conversations – when people smell (or smell too good

This week we cover odors in the office.

Yup, we went there.

But there’s a reason – we actually talk with employees (on both sides) quite often about smells in the office – whether the smells are too good or too bad.

Courageous Conversations – Stuff we should know (that no one ever told us)

Jenna and Shelly provide some ideas and suggestions on dealing with things we don’t know (but think we should) in this week’s Courageous Conversation discussion.

Courageous Conversations – Respectful Conversations with Disruptive People


Find out what it means to Shelly.

Customer Call-Ins: What Security Information Do They Need to Provide?

What can you say when a customer calls in? Does CPNI allow you to use a social security number? Find out!

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