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Charter’s Gig Plans

Charter’s upping their Gig game, make your plan now.

Charter’s Gigabit plans

Charter, I mean Spectrum (I think is their name for now), says they’ll be bringing gigabit services with no data caps to 27M homes – approximately half of their homes passed. Eventually they’ll roll it to all 41M homes passed.

Additionally, future improvements will allow them to offer symmetrical services, according to the company.

Recent DOCSIS 3.1 upgrades allow them to offer 940/35 – with no data caps (for now).

This could be a threat when they upgrade your market.

“Spectrum Internet Gig” service—with actual download speeds of up to 940Mbps—available to nearly all of the homes in its cable footprint by the end of this year.

So Now what?

1. Make a plan – Back to 5 Ps:

Product: Make sure you can compete – if you can offer Gig, do it. Holding back simply is not a good strategy. And make sure it stays unlimited.

Price: You don’t have to be cheaper, but you better have a strong value proposition (luckily, you do).

Positioning: How does your service stack up, and why is it better? Unlike “fiber-rich networks” Charter advertises, you’ve got fiber to the doorstep (“keep it 100” as the kids say). Develop relationships by telling personal stories from your customers, and your team.

Promotion: Talk it up – offer a value-add, and get customers into a contract.

Place: Everywhere, but still local – you’ve got the ‘in’ with many local groups, leverage it.

2. Execute the plan

Push hard to lock down market share, and hit the street to get new customers on board before they, or other competitors upgrade your areas.

Until next time, be ready for the next little thing to spark your brilliance.