CPNI Training for Telcos in the United States

Who Offers Annual CPNI Certifications?

CPNI training

CPNI stands for Customer Proprietary Network. Each year, telecommunications companies need to certify that their staff members have completed CPNI training. If you’re a telco provider, this might beg the question, “How can we ensure our employees are CPNI certified?”

Great question! At CNS, we’ve got you covered. Using our online training platform—which includes CPNI training, as well as several other refresher courses—your company will be in compliance with the FCC and ready to conquer customers’ questions at a moment’s notice.you’ll find what you need at Cooperative Network Services.

What Does CPNI Training Entail?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires employees of telecom providers to understand what they can and cannot say during the course of in-person or telephone conversations. Customers are increasingly aware of their privacy rights, which means telcos need to be increasingly observant of the regulations surrounding these rights. Additionally, failure to comply with the FCC’s CPNI requirements could results in disciplinary action, fines, and severe penalties.

At CNS, we’ve made it easy for you to maintain FCC compliance while keeping your staff apprised of everything they need to do to keep your customers’ privacy secure. Through our online CPNI training program, your team will be exposed to essential elements, such as:


  • What CPNI actually means
  • How the Telecommunications Act of 1996 effects customer privacy
  • Which FCC rules are applicable to telecom employees
  • What telecommunications service categories (TSCs) mean
  • How CPNI is allowed to be used
  • How to get customer approval (opt-in and opt-out)
  • How to properly obtain informed consent
  • Which passwords are acceptable for customers to use
  • What to do if you encounter a security breach
  • How to enforce CPNI regulations

What’s the Purpose of CPNI Training?

Besides being required by the FCC, CPNI training has two main purposes:

  • To protect customer privacy
  • To promote competition among telecom carriers

When your staff understands what CPNI is and why it’s important to the grand scheme of the industry, they’ll be more equipped to protect your customers’ privacy while simultaneously providing outstanding customer service.


If you’re searching for an online CPNI training program that you can offer to your staff members, CNS has the solution. Whether you’re looking for a training refresher or a ready-to-go CPNI training course, you’ll find what you need at Cooperative Network Services.


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