FCC RDOF 904 Auction Challenge Census Blocks

FCC Auction 904 RDOF Challenge Census Blocks Number Over 280,000

180 ISPs Challenge FCC RDOF Eligible Census Blocks

The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) is the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) next step in closing the digital divide. On October 22, 2020, Phase I of the RDOF auction (auction 904) will take place, targeting over six million homes and businesses in census blocks that currently have little or no broadband access. Phase II will follow shortly thereafter, addressing homes that are partially served or not funded in Phase I. The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund consists of a reverse auction where rural ISP broadband providers bid down the cost of yearly support funding to serve areas with speeds less than 25/3 Mbps.

RDOF 2020: The Challenges

For operators, it’s been a challenge to determine a bidding strategy based on all of the uncertainties surrounding the auction bidding areas. RDOF has become increasingly complex due to:

  • Lack of accurate coverage maps
  • Changing technologies
  • State and other federal programs
  • Relatively non-stop expansion by existing new-market entrants


Cooperative Network Solutions’ Answer to the RDOF Auction Challenge Process

Over 280,000 census blocks have been challenged in the recent RDOF challenge/comment period. Although some operators didn’t share their full list of census blocks offered for the challenge, the majority did. As such, Cooperative Network Services (CNS) has run with that data, mapping as many of the RDOF challenged census blocks that were easily extracted from the submissions. From the census block IDs, an interactive map was created, and it’s now available to any operator considering participating in the auction.

Paul Solsrud, CNS Product Manager, says of the interactive RDOF Challenged Census Block map created by CNS:

“As we put this map together, the concerns some industry experts outlined have become more and more obvious. I think the FCC is in a tough spot regardless of how they move forward – either they take the word from all of these providers and risk pushback on spending a bunch of money when hundreds of thousands of blocks are being updated with very little public funding, all while using data that many are skeptical of, or they pushback on the carriers which could get ugly, not to mention could take an extremely long time.”

As the RDOF research process got underway, it became clear pretty quickly that carriers would need a way to visualize the challenged census blocks so they could appropriately plan for the auction.

For subscribers to the CNS Broadband Operations Map App, the RDOF census block data has been added as a feature layer, so there are popups on each block with the added ability to extract data.

The free RDOF Challenged Census blocks can be found here:https://www.cooperative-networks.com/rdof-challenge-map/

More details can be found in the Telecompetitor article here

If you’d like to learn how CNS can help you prepare for the upcoming RDOF auction, access a free version of our interactive map today. When you’re ready to purchase a full-scale version of our app, you can buy it online at any time.

Here’s a list of all of the challengers that provided usable census block IDs:

Carrier Count of challenged blocks
Digital Path 40422
North Coast Wireless Communications, LLC. 35909
Resound Networks 30642
 Fourway Computer Products Inc. 20021
 ProValue.Net 17478
Frontier 16987
Consolidated Communications 16402
Skybeam 15716
Telegia Communications 10754
Nextwave Wireless 10356
DMCI Broadband LLC 8108
Brady Communications LLC 7188
CenturyLink 5420
Central Texas 3803
Cable One 3279
Comcast 3253
Armstrong 2316
Bee Creek Communications 2190
Windstream 1713
Cox 1577
W.A.T.C.H. TV Company 1577
Byhalia 1573
AT&T 1490
Nebraska PSC 1325
Woodstock 1291
WiFires 1159
Bits of Tech 1149
WaveDivision Holdings 1145
All Points 1042
Spring City Cable 935
Grizzly Broadband 847
The Laffoon Corp 837
LR Communications 603
SoftCom Internet Communications 579
Zirkel Wireless 544
XL Broadband 473
Butler REC 450
Ben Lomand 394
Imagine Networks 377
Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone 365
Alexicon 359
Regional Media Corporation 338
Suddenlink Communications 335
Atlantic Broadband 333
Schurz Communications 294
Cable South 290
Monster Broadband 281
Intelliwave 273
Boycom 236
Vyve Broadband Investments 235
Cass Cable 215
Wilson Creek 206
New Knoxville Tel 157
Cal.net 155
Cobalt Ridge 153
Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation 147
Rapid Systems 146
Mark Twain 127
Prairie Hills Wireless 126
OmniTel 120
Mimbres Communications 116
A&ACommunicationsLLC 115
Thacker-Grigsby Telephone 115
Vermont PSB 113
UPTC 112
PocketiNet Communications, Inc. 111
Amherst 106
Northwest Communications 103
CTS 101
GBT 99
MidCentury Telephone 97
Home Communications 96
Horizon Cable 96
Winnebago 82
Warp Networks 61
Kraus Electronic Systems 57
Sandhill Connextions 56
DTC Communications 52
Vast Broadband 51
RC Technologies 50
Charter 49
Bloomer 45
Mid-Hudson Cablevision 44
Night Owl Wireless 44
Totelcom 44
Verizon 43
Wikstrom 41
24/7 39
Ntera 39
ImOn 38
Allens 37
Lingo  Networks 37
Wiggins Tel 36
LakeNet LLC 35
Reedsburg Utility 35
Leaco Rural Telephone 34
Washington County Rurual Telephone Coop 34
Stowe Communications 33
Hillsboro Telephone 32
StarVision 29
Atlantic Telecom 28
White Cloud 26
Surf Broadband 25
TruVista Communications 25
United Telephone Company 25
Adams 24
Barry County 24
Wabash Independent Networks 21
Morris Broadband 19
Mosaic Telecom 17
Door County Broadband 16
Mahaska Communication Group LLC 16
Amplex Wireless 15
Pemtel 15
Citizens 14
Quantum Internet & Telephone 13
Alliance 12
Randolph Communications 12
Shentel 12
West Central Telephone Association 12
Coon Valley 11
Lismore 11
Polar 11
Stanton Telecom 11
GRM 10
Mei Telecom 10
WT Broadband 10
Grande 7
Cross 6
Vernon Communications 6
Jackson County REMC 5
MGW Telephone 5
Peoples 5
Skybest 5
Socket Telecom 5
Mainstream Fiber Networks, LLC 2
Miles Communication Corp. dba Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) 2
Perry-Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. dba PSC 2
All West 1
Declaration Network Group (BLOCKS NOT IDENTIFIED) 1
Dubois Telephone 1
Heart of Iowa (appoximately 10 more blocks) 1
Inland Tlephone (approx. 20 additional blocks) 1
LigTel Communications 1
MCTV – MISSING DATA – Appoximately 442 more?) 1
Meeker Coop and Light (BLOCKS NOT IDENTIFIED) 1
Mobius (approx. 15 other blocks) 1
MTC Communications (BAD LINK) 1
NeuBeam (many other blocks) 1
New Lisbon (approx. 5 more blocks) 1
New Lisbon Broadband and Communications, LLC 1
Northwest Fiber (approx. 30 additional blocks) 1
Northwest Fiber (approx. 50 more blocks) 1
One Point (approx. 5 additional blocks) 1
Optimum 1
Reach Broadband (approx. 10 additional blocks) 1
Silica Broadband 1
Smithville Communications, Inc. 1
Solid Rock Communications (BLOCKS NOT IDENTIFIED) 1
The Junction Internet (BLOCKS NOT IDENTIFIED) 1
Washington County Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 1


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