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Marketing & Design

We Know You: Start Fast

Working with a new marketing partner can be time-consuming. We know you, we know telecom, and that helps. A lot.

Marketing & Design

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Your marketing works when you look spectacular, your customers will choose you, love you, and stay.

Marketing & Design

Use Marketing Maps

Our new geo-spatial marketing maps allow you to do some crazy cool things. Show services on web maps, target neighborhoods, study your fiber build. It’s the future of marketing. Let’s innovate.

Meet your broadband marketing team

Chris Castagneri
Chris Castagneri

Marketing Manager

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Thoroughly and obsessively thoughtful. That’s Chris. It creates business strategy and design creativity that can be trusted to launch YOU and your company above the rest.

Toni Edwards

Graphic Designer

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Beautiful, award winning design combined with her ability to get things done without taking a lot of your time. Choose Toni as your preferred designer. She’ll make YOU shine.

Big Agency Fun… at ‘Working Together’ Prices

We partner with you to create targeted campaigns supported by award-winning creative design that resonates with rural residents – to engage with them, build trust, and ultimately convert them to paying customers.

And it’s flexible – from design only, to full project management and strategy development plus creative, we’re involved as little or as much as you like.

We. Love. Websites.

We make telecom companies look great, and sell more services. Use our winning designs & interactive mapping technologies (to show precise pricing and service availability) to launch you to the forefront of web technology.

Recent Custom Websites

“CNS made this a much easier task than anticipated. From the first meeting, through the design concept, all the way to the final product, they worked in harmony with me to create a website that was comprehensive, mobile and user-friendly and far exceeded my expectations.”


Debby Floerchinger,
Marketing Manager,
Crosslake Communications

What EXACTLY can you get help with?


Our work takes us far and wide – we see a lot of things and talk with a variety of broadband providers every week – this gives us an interesting perspective. Check it out and let us know what YOU think.

Marketing research
Strategic positioning
Product development
Marketing plans
Copywriting and editing
Call coaching and monitoring
Ad campaigns
Graphic design
Website development
Culture building
Employee support

Thought. Leaders.

Our work takes us far and wide – we see a lot of things and talk with a variety of broadband providers every week – this gives us an interesting perspective, so we periodically share our thoughts on LinkedIn.

Encourage Wired Internet Data Consumption

Every month, my friend’s 22-year-old son pays about $100 in mobile data overage fees. He can get a wired connection at his home, but he doesn’t.

He loves the convenience of his mobile phone and there’s no replacement for it. Sure, getting a wired Wi-Fi network at his home would save him money, but at this stage in his life mobility and simplicity are more important.

For the 4th straight quarter in a row, wired Internet connections are down across the US. So what’s going on? Just a glitch? Maybe. Maybe not.

Thank You Charter for Not Talking to Me (Seriously)

Charter Communications’ recently had a profitable quarter, and growth in TV subscribers, despite heavy network investments. They are a buy or hold for many analysts today.

Why is that? Likely many factors, but I believe a part is their growing, but not yet perfect, vision and focus around the customer experience—especially the digital one. Here’s a little about my recent interaction with the company.

Culture Branding – Where’s the Fluff?

HR and Marketing functions aren’t normally integrated. And both functions can feel like ‘fluff’ to technical people, however, it’s not just fluff – it’s culture and it about branding. This presentation seeks to prove that what’s good for HR is good for Marketing, and vice versa.

Culture and Employee or Employment Branding is becoming increasingly popular considerations as labor markets tighten, and consumers seek companies who are both good corporate citizens, and gravitate to companies who’s culture aligns with their own.

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