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How Can You Get CPNI Training for Your Telco Employees?

CPNI Training

CNS Offers CPNI Training

Cooperative Network Services (CNS) is proud to offer CPNI training to telco providers of all sizes across the country. Although we’re based in Minnesota, we happily help telecom companies from New York to California, Florida to Washington state keep their employees up to date on the requirements set forth by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. What if you’re in Illinois? Yes, we have customers there, too.

Our online CPNI training program enables us to provide proper training to any telecom provider, whether you’re an existing CNS customer or you’re simply interested in our training course.


Who Needs to Receive CPNI Training?

All telecommunications employees with access to consumer data must receive training each year to ensure Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is handled properly during both sales transactions, as well as everyday customer interactions.

If you work for a telecom provider that hasn’t yet fulfilled your annual CPNI training requirements per the FCC’s orders, CNS can help.


What Does CNS’s CPNI Training Cover?

Every telecommunications carrier has a duty to protect the confidentiality of its customers’ private information. Our CPNI training course will help your employees understand the importance of protecting consumers’ data while ensuring that any information used during transactions with customers is performed in accordance with the FCC’s requirements.

Our training course will explain:

  • What qualifies as CPNI and what doesn’t
  • Who must comply with CPNI requirements
  • How your employees can ensure compliance by way of proper disclosure requests
  • Your company’s and staff’s obligations to protect CPNI
  • Possible fines associated with not being in compliance with the FCC’s rules and regulations
  • When it’s okay to use CPNI
  • Proper forms of customer authentication


When Should You Administer CPNI Training?

In order to be compliant with the FCC’s requirements, all telco employees who have access to consumer information should receive CPNI training once a year. All new hires should also receive this training during the onboarding process to ensure they have the tools necessary to complete their jobs correctly.

CNS’s web-based, self-paced CPNI training course is available online for your use throughout the year. Simply visit our website to purchase the CPNI Certification/Refresher course and follow the instructions you’ll receive after your purchase.


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