Popcorn Culture – CNS | Cooperative Network Services

What the heck does popcorn have to do with improving your company’s culture?

It’s a fun way to explore fostering a culture of growth which ultimately leads to happier teams, happier customers, and increased revenues and customer loyalty.

It’s Virtual, Quick, and Easy

We’ll meet virtually for 30 minutes, every Thursday for 6 weeks to talk about a specific topic each week from February 14th – March 21st.

We’ll talk about real-world stories, research, tips, tricks, and strategies to help you build a strong telco culture.

Once you’re done, you’ll get a certificate of achievement, and probably some free popcorn to celebrate.

Your trainers:

Shelly Netland-01

She knows a thing or two about a lot of things, especially culture, and she’ll lead the Popcorn Culture conversation.

Plus she loves kettle corn – so… expert.

Contact Shelly with questions.


Jenna leads CNS’ HR department, providing all HR support for a variety to small telcos across the region, and has plenty of culture stories to share.

Cheese popcorn… from Candyland – ‘the best ever’

Contact Jenna with questions.

But seriously, here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • Values, Mission, Vision
  • Recruitment Best Practices & Trends
  • Employee Engagement (tactical vs. adaptive performance)
  • Performance Management: Coaching, Feedback, Discipline

$250 (up to 3 participants per company)
$300 (up to 6 participants per company)
$400 (more than 6 participants per company)