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Remain Relevant in a Streaming World

The Package Concierge App helps you keep broadband subscribers.

It’s no secret that your customers are researching online streaming services.

These new services, along with new technology, and constant price and package changes, increase the complexity for consumers.

And as your margins get continually squeezed on your linear services, you still need to be the local expert, and you still need to maintain your broadband subscriber counts.

Many operators have chosen to partner with online streaming providers and receive compensation for driving customers to their solutions – this again can be an opportunity and a challenge for you.

With the Package Concierge App, you can be the local expert to help your customers get the best package for them. It shows both your local linear package as well as online streaming packages, so consumers can get just what they want. Plus, it allows you to reinforce the value position of your services — All with the primary goal of growing your broadband subscribers, regardless of where they get their video from.

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Minneapolis DMA – use any address from within the Minneapolis DMA example: 1st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Package Concierge with Local Package Map

If you have multiple linear packages based on geographic areas, a Service Availability map can guide users to the correct local lineup, as well as the national streaming providers.

Package Concierge App Subscription

$650.00 / year


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Subscription provides 12 months of access to Package Concierge App for your company’s internal or external use.

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